About us

As your personal Independent Financial Advisers, we will represent you and your needs and have no bias or associations with any particular products or providers. This ensures that our financial recommendations are wholly based on your own specific needs. It is YOU and YOUR NEEDS that are most important to us.

Established in 2008 by the four existing directors, our team now consists of 13 Independent Financial Advisers with around 200 years of combined financial services experience. Please refer to the Financial Services Register at the following address for further details: http://www.fca.org.uk/register/

We also have dedicated administration managers and para-planning team based in our Sambourne office, offering you daily help and support. Our services are enhanced by sophisticated on-line portfolio access and real time valuations, which will enable you to monitor your individual investment portfolio on a regular basis.

How we work

As Independent Financial Advisers we use intricate computer research software to enable us to compare and select the most suitable contracts within the financial market place. We will sit down with you and help to review your present financial situation, taking into account your future plans and aspirations, to allow us to make an assessment of your future financial needs.
We offer a free initial no obligation consultation to enable us to do this.

Once we have established your financial needs, we will then advise you on the most suitable solutions to satisfy these needs. We will then follow this up with regular financial reviews as often as you require.

We will ensure that you fully understand all of the agreed solutions before proceeding with the business.

Contact us:

Tel: 01527-893476 Email: office@pinnaclefp.co.uk